Why Hire Personal Assistance? 

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What is a Concierge? 

Many of us may be unfamiliar with the term ‘concierge’, but the fact is, this term has been in use since middle ages when concierge was used for someone who’d hold handles. Today, this term is used for a similar person, except for the fact that now the concierge has to take care of much more important tasks than just holding candles. Concierge are people who take care of the everyday tasks for VIPs and other executive-class people. Since the top businessperson and other successful people have much more important things to devote their time to, they hire a person to take care of the everyday activities such as scheduling, bookings, reservations etc. Often some companies provide this service for the convenience of these people. The service provided by these people takes care of the personal assistance one needs in almost any matter such as lifestyle management, travelling and staying reservations and other activities.

Often companies provide concierge service only for that organisation. For example, a hotel concierge would assist in all kinds of reservations in the hotel and other matters that circle around the hotel. A hospital concierge will, likewise, helps the patients and employees with their tasks in the hospital. Concierge service at the airport takes care of the passage through security and other formalities on the airport including calling a cab on arrival. Other than the organisational concierge, there are private concierge companies that provide assistance in almost all kinds of activities. They can be hired at an hourly rate for activities such as making reservations, making phone calls, making certain arrangement etc.

Benefits of hiring Concierge 

Some people find this service a luxury and therefore, are hesitant in spending on it. However, if the following points are kept in mind, this service will be a necessity instead of luxury.  

Restore the balance 

In the busy lifestyle in today’s era, people are working around the clock. This leaves no time for keeping balance between professional and personal life. The domain of personal life includes spending time with the family as well as spending time to foster personal health, mental and physical. This becomes possible when concierge service is hired that helps in maintaining schedule  

Re prioritise  

Hiring an assistance that takes care of your everyday matters can give you the time to re prioritise. A personal concierge can help maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping a daily schedule, prioritising important matters while leaving some room for personal time.  

Maintain public image 

Celebrities live a luxurious life, but often find it hard to draw the line between public and personal life. A lifestyle manager helps them do it by maintaining a balance between the personal and the public life. A concierge is important in order to showcase the lifestyle of the celebrity without completely invading the privacy.   

Why do you need one? 

Despite the support and assistance provided by a hired concierge, many top businessperson and executives find it had to understand the need for one. They are under the impression that they do not need help with the things they can do themselves and it’ll only be an added liability to hire someone to take care of such petty tasks. While this is completely true, let’s look at it through a different angle. If a person has the to-do list stuffed with urgent tasks and activities that need to be performed in a day, there would be a great proportion that, if omitted, can leave for plenty of things that are much more important, instead of urgent. A personal assistant can take care of these urgent issues, leaving room for the person to devote the time to some important task. Hiring personal assistance can also give you some extra hours in the day that you can devote to something you deeply love, to pursue some lost passion or simply to spend time with your family.   

Cost of hiring Concierge 

Concierge companies usually provide assistance at hourly rate. The rata usually varies from company to company, but generally, it costs about $60-$70/ hour. This saves a person a great deal of money if we look at it from the perspective that a person earning $200/hour, if hires a service for $60/hour, saves about $140 by earning in that hour that was otherwise used for running errands. It is indeed a great deal for anyone earning more money/hour than a concierge company charges. This way the person can devote this additional hour to make more money and make the luxury of hiring assistance worth it.  

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