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For businesses that still rely on paper documents, managing printing, copying and associated tasks can be a challenge. Printing hardware can be notoriously difficult and expensive to maintain. Costs can accumulate if printing processes are not well managed. One Australian company, CSG, a managed IT services Melbourne solutions provider, may have the key to reducing printing costs and better managing hardware. As one of the biggest managed print contractors in Australia and New Zealand, CSG offers clients the most innovative printing solutions found on this side of the world. Read ahead to learn more about managed printing solutions from CSG and how your Aussie business and benefit: 

Reduce Overall Printing Costs 

CSG can reduce the total costs of printing by about 40 percent over any other hardware contract. CSG relies on highly innovative methodologies to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the most common problems faced by companies that need to print a lot on paper. We can apply consolidation strategies to reduce the costs that may otherwise become a burden. CSG does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution for businesses. The experts with the brand will assess your company’s printer copier situation and recommend the solutions that are most likely to bring down costs.  

Intergraded Printing Systems Processes 

Any manager with some experience knows that hiring a third-party for a printing system can lead to inefficiency and confusion. CSG avoid these all too common traps by integrating the in-house systems with the process of the client company. Therefore, the services provided are continuous. There’s little need to constantly communicate regarding the logistics of the printing process. When the system is in place, the processes take care of themselves.  

Measurable Benefits 

CSG printing solutions are offered only with measurable benefits. Over the term of the contract, clients can track and actually measure each benefit listed in the document. The aim is to provide solutions that are effective in numerical terms and not just speculative terms. Clients can thus calculate the ROI for each perk offered in the contract.  

Rationalise Out-of-Control Printing Systems 

Is your company burdened with a printing system that is decades all? Or does the printing system makes no sense? Modern managers would want to know how efficient the printing system is before applying new solution. CSG can help businesses streamline existing systems to eliminate cost, speed and similar inefficiencies. CSG also assists companies rationalise the existing printing system to get rid of unnecessary burdens that might be stifling productivity.  

Good Faith Collaboration and Partnership 

CSG works in collaboration with clients. The aim is to facilitate communication in good faith to perfect printing solutions to best suit the demand and requirements of the client. Clients can expect top-notch customer care and responsive communications that address root causes of issues. CSG partners with clients to find solutions in the most effective way possible.  

Unbiased Assessments 

CSG offers unbiased assessments to clients without promoting one vendor or printing brand over the other. CSG assures independent analyses in the best interest of the client. Partnering clients can benefit from the most suited solutions as a result.  

Most managed printing solutions hinge on replacing all the existing hardware and creating the system anew. CSG, instead, makes use of the existing infrastructure to create a cost effective solution. CSG printing solutions are guaranteed to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of a business printing environment without a hassle.  


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