Safe Ways To Prevent Your Child From Getting Lost In A Crowd

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Having a child get lost in the crowd is the ultimate nightmare situation for any parent. This is a situation most parents don’t actually anticipate. If you keep an eye on your child at all times it won’t happen, right? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep an eye on a child in a crowd as frequently as parents think they can. Parents themselves can get distracted. Even a minor distraction could prove to be a situation where the child gets lost. Here are several simple safety techniques that will help you avoid this scenario in the first place: 

Buy a GPS Tracker for Your Child  

A Blaq Wolf GPS child tracker can be attached to your child (like on a necklace, pinned to clothing, etc.). The tracker will correspond with a bluetooth tracking device app to let you know where your kid is at all times. It’s just like tracking a pet. You can attach the tracker insider a child’s clothing so no one, including the kid herself, can remove it. If your kid accidentally gets lost, the tracker will help you immediately locate the child. The GPS coordinates will indicate where your kid is. You can know if your child has ventured outside the area where they are supposed to be almost instantly.  

Use a Kiddie Leash  

It’s not the most pleasant to look at, but kiddie leashes would literally keep the child tethered to you. You can’t expect to hold your toddler’s hand at all times. In that case, a kiddie leash would help. The tethers are best for toddlers who love running off. You can be assured of their safety even when you look away when there’s a tether. Buy a kiddie leash made from sturdy material that is not easy to cut off, break, or remove in any manner.  

Write You Phone Number on Your Child’s Wrist 

If your child is old enough, make them memorize your phone number. In case they get lost, they can always have a police officer or a kind stranger phone you. Also, it’s highly advised to use body ink, like the type they use in elections, to write your phone number, address, and other important information on the child’s forearm. The child can show this information to a guard or an officer in case they get lost.  

Tell Them What to Do In Case of a Separation 

Always assume that separation is a possibility. It will help your child not panic if they find themselves alone. Teach them what to do in case they get separated from you. It’s important that they can handle the situation smartly without crying and panicking. Show them whom to trust (police, lifeguards, etc.). If you go into a place like a theatre or a park, show your kids who’re in charge so they know the people to contact if they get lost.  

Don’t Let Your Kid Go to the Bathroom Alone  

This is a very important prevention method. Don’t let your child go to the bathroom unaccompanied every. Even older children in sixth or seventh grade should be accompanied when they want to go to the loo. If you are in a theatre or a park, make sure an adult always accompanies the child when they have to go.  

Educate yourself, as well as your child, on what to do in case you get separated from your child in a crowd. The above tips should be helpful.  

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