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Leading a normal, painless life is something that a lot of us very often take for granted. Being born without any complications since birth, we just cannot put ourselves in the shoes of someone who might be suffering, but the sad thing is that these complications are a very real reality for quite a few people out there. Whether we have any genetic predisposition towards developing a certain kind of physical or mental illness, or whether we are born with some complication, the situation can be equally frightening. It can feel that we are at a natural disadvantage, and that there are just some things that we can or cannot do. Simply living life can feel as if we are walking on eggshells, and we may not be able to fully enjoy all that life has to give to us. It can be a very challenging period not just for us then, but for our friends and family as well, as they have to see us go through this, and have to see us adapt, and have to adapt their behavior so it suits us too. It can seem that there is no way to go around this natural handicap, but that really isn’t the case. 

In earlier times, it would be utterly impossible to overcome these difficulties. The scientific and medical fields hadn’t advanced to such a degree that common illnesses could be properly treated, let alone mental and physical defects present from birth. However, these two fields have grown at a very steady and very fast rate and have made many advancements. What was previously thought to be impossible is now something that is overcome on a daily basis. Even illnesses and conditions which were previously thought to be untreatable are now handled by doctors daily, so that each and every one of us has the potential to live life to the fullest, without ever feeling handicapped.  

One of these conditions that are most often present from birth is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the hip socket is too shallow to cover fully the head of the femur. This can mean that various problems can arise, such as limping, one leg being shorter than the other, persistent pain, and flexibility of the leg and the hip can be very badly affected. Although hip dysplasia can develop in adults, it is most commonly present from birth. While many with hip dysplasia do go ahead without treatment, depending on the severity of your condition there are cases where proper medical treatment can be a must. Going untreated if the condition is leaning towards a higher severity means that we could be at risk of developing secondary arthritis. Therefore, pao surgeons to perform PAO surgery are necessary.  

PAO surgery is a surgery which can correct the positioning of the bone anatomy, to make sure that all he joints are aligned right and that the load is evenly distributed. The traditional form of periacetabular osteotomy has been highly invasive, however, the pao surgeons of today are highly skilled and can perform a version of the pao surgery which is minimally invasive to reduce scarring and healing period as much as possible, and to make sure that the internal mechanisms of our body remain as undisturbed as they can. This minimally invasive procedure is nowhere as scary as the traditional way that PAO surgery was performed, but, because of this very reason, it is also all the more intricate and difficult to pull off. Only a few surgeons worldwide can perform this very intense surgery, so if you are looking to get a procedure, choosing the right surgeon is very important. 

Dr Slattery is one such surgeon whom you can trust to perform this surgery for you. Dr Slattery has taken a sub specialist training for this surgery in Switzerland, where the surgery was originally pioneered so you can know that you are in the safest of hands. Whether the condition develops over time or has been there since birth, which is much more likely, a surgical procedure can have you living your life free of any restraint. With the help of Dr Slattery, you can live a full life too.  

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