iPhone Will Always Beat Android. Here’s why!

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Before we begin with this article, let us ensure you that the judgement isn’t going to be biased, and based on our personal liking only. More often than not, we might have the habit to suggest an iPhone to people, but Android has its own set of perks and specifications that make it unique. We all love the myriad of software customization and the numerous hardware specifications that Android has to offer, but when it comes to luxury, nothing can beat an iPhone. Moreover, please beware that this article isn’t about a war that always rages between an Android and iOS. The route that we have taken on this article is to compare iPhone as an entity with Android, comparing all the hardware and software components and everything that makes these devices race for the superiority in the markets around the world. For starters, A11 Bionic chip that Apple has introduced in its recent set of iPhones, is mind-blowing. There is nothing better than this processor that can take the flagship in the mobile world. Moreover, it also aces at synthetic benchmarks such as 3DMark, Geekbench 4 alongside editing 4k videos and opening large files without any glitch. Needless to say, no Android has been able to compete with these strong technologies.  

Coming towards the both hardware and software integration that is being introduced to the hilt every day in the Smartphone sector, there is no denying that we are impressed with the technology in total. The 3D Touch display that was first introduced with an iPhone 6S has the tendency to sense pressure. This means that certain actions can be taken directly from the home screen only by pressing on a particular app icon. Similarly, the Portrait Mode recently introduced by the Apple team once again has allowed the lighting effects to be just added with a tap. On the contrary, Android is years behind when it comes to this technology. To those, who are now going to argue with the point that the Apple devices are hard to repair, there are options like iPhone screen repair Melbourne CBD easily available all around the world. No biggie!  

With iPhone X, Apple has taken the face recognition one step ahead, it can scan your face to log in, even if you grow a beard and wear glasses. It is safe to say that the Android league is trying, but it still has a way to go. Contrary to the popular belief, iPhone still is the easiest Smartphone to use. The Android fanatics argue at the point that the look and feel of the iPhone has remained same over the years. We agree with the fact that iPhone might not have changed drastically in appearance, but it works exactly the same and easy way, as it used to.  Furthermore, all those who argued that iPhone is a walled garden and does not allow the developers and third-parties to experiment with it, must not have any issues now. With the iOS 10, Apple has opened iMessages and Siri to developers.  

We always love to prove our points through statistics. This one, is certainly going to hurt the Android fanboys. The OS updates in iPhone whenever you want, and the need be. As per the reports, iOS 11 was installed on 25 percent of iOS devices, just one week after the launch. By January 2018, iOS 11 was installed in more than 65 percent of the devices. If you compare it to the Android OS, the recently launched Oreo was updated on only 0.7 percent of the devices. The problem here is that with the exception of pure Android phones, all the other mobile giants will have to jump through various carrier certifications to get the update approval.  

iPhone will always be in a tough race with the number of Androids available in the market these days. There is no doubt that those who use Android find it difficult to jump to iPhone all of a sudden. Neither do we say that you should switch to iPhone right now and nor do we impose that Android is anyway inferior. In the end, it all boils down to your choice and what sort of specifications suit your need and mood.  

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