Introduction to Ear Thermometers

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Types of Thermometers 

Through the ages, different thermometers have been developed to accurately measure the body temperature of any person. Noting temperature is very important since the temperature is body’s method of expressing a problem in the body. Neglecting raised temperature can lead to difficulties. Thanks to the advancement in science, different thermometers have been developed that measure body’s temperature. These thermometers offer a range of accuracy and most importantly, feasibility. Let’s take a look at different types of thermometers available.  

Forehead Strips 

These temperature-measuring strips are very suitable for infants and young children who make it hard to measure temperature. On the downside, these strips are not very accurate, which is the reason why they are not preferred by the doctors. 

Wearable Thermometer 

The Wearable Thermometer is an example of advancement in technology. You can make your child wear the thermometer once for all and then you can monitor the temperature through an app on your phone. This not only offers convenience, but also lets you monitor the temperature at all times.  

Ear Thermometers 

The tympanic or ear thermometer is recommended by most doctors for its accuracy and feasibility. It is useful, especially for young children. However, it cannot be used for children under 6 months. The details of using tympanic thermometer will be discussed below.  

Forehead Thermometers 

The forehead thermometers are mostly used in clinics since they can be used for infants with reliable accuracy of reading. They are a reliable alternative to rectal temperature in children.  

Digital Thermometers 

Digital Thermometers are most widely used today because of the wide age group it can be used for. Although digital thermometers are bit hard to use in the case of infants, they do give very accurate results. The thermometer needs to be put under the arm and then add a degree to the reading to find the temperature of the body.  

How Does Ear Thermometer Work? 

An ear thermometer works by detecting infrared radiations. The infrared radiations are the heat radiations coming from any hot object. The thermometer gives a quantifies the radiations received near the eardrum through an ear probe. An ear probe is inserted in the ear canal that detects the infrared radiations there. Tympanic thermometer is fairly accurate because it can measure temperature of the vessels close to hypothalamus, the temperature controlling unit of the brain.  

Using Ear Thermometer 

Careful observation of thermometer is very important. Since, as mentioned before, the temperature is body’s method of communication so care must be taken to ensure accurate reading is noted using thermometer. When using ear thermometer, first of all, make sure there is no blockage in the ear. Clean the ear to make sure the ear probe can easily reach the eardrum. If the person is having any ear infection, avoid tympanic thermometer as the reading may not be reliable. Once you’re clear to use this thermometer, the next step is to clean the ear probe that is to be inserted, using sanitiser. After that, insert the probe in the ear and straighten the ear to make sure it reaches the eardrum. Make sure the thermometer is turned on. Once the ear probe has reached the eardrum, keep it there until the thermometers indicates a reading, usually through a beep sound. Once you hear the sound, the probe can be removed from the ear. Note the reading that is being displayed on thermometer. 

Benefits of Ear Thermometer  

Ear thermometers have been many doctors’ and parents’ first choice because of a number of reasons. Some of the prime reasons for which most people rely on these thermometers are;  

  • Convenience 

This is rightly the most important factor behind choosing tympanic thermometers. It is nearly impossible to take temperature of an infant using other available options. Tympanic thermometer offers great ease in the case of children.  

  • Accurate 

While the forehead strips are convenient too, they are a compromise on the accuracy of the reading. Tympanic thermometers are not only easy to use, but they also give reliable results since the temperature measured is the temperature of vessel close to the hypothalamus.  

  • Fast 

This is another reason why this thermometer is used in many clinics. It can measure the temperature in matter of few seconds.  

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