How To Cut Down On Training Costs

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One of the biggest costs associated with hiring new staff is the training costs. Even if the staff only require a week of training, it comes at a massive cost to the business. There are many ways of cutting down the costs of training your new staff, and here are just a few of the tactics you could use to save money.

Hire staff from within the business

You don’t always need to hire new staff for your business. If you’re hiring for a managerial position or you want somebody to take on a new role, hiring from within the business is a great way to cut down on the amount of training you need to give the new worker. However, it isn’t always possible to hire somebody who is always working inside the business, since you might not be able to lose any of the staff members in the current roles.

Don’t pay the full amount for training days

For new staff, you can offer them 50% or 75% pay for training days, particularly if the training is only going to last for a day or two. However, be aware that this could put a lot of people off applying for the job, since it is still work to them and they still have bills to pay. If it’s only one day, however, and the pay is decent for the rest of the job, most people will still turn up for staffing agency software and take the position if you’re only paying part of the hourly rate.

Hire people with experience

A big part of training staff comes along when you hire people who don’t have any prior experience. CRM recruitment software can help you to hire people who are well suited to a particular job. You can browse through a list of potential candidates who have experience in a particular field and the necessary qualifications required in order to do the job properly. By doing it this way, you’ll avoid hiring people who don’t have any experience or don’t have enough experience.

Set up online training

If you want to minimise the amount of time you spend hiring your staff face-to-face or hands-on, you can set up online training programmes for them to complete in their spare time. You can do this for existing staff and also new staff members. They will have to complete the exercises and read through the necessary training materials, and it can be approved by you or somebody else in the business once it has been done. This will save money on hiring trainers to come into the office and provide cloud recruitment software for the staff.

Do the training yourself

Paying somebody to come in and train new starters can be a good idea if you’ll lose a significant amount of money by neglecting your usual duties. However, if you’re not losing out on too much or you can delegate tasks to other people in the business, train the staff yourself in order to avoid paying a trainer to come in for a few days.

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