Backlink Profiles And The Most Common Misconceptions Linked To It

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There are so many experiments and bad advices going around in the field of SEO. However, nothing much could be done because this is how search engine works.

It does not matter the number of experiments you keep doing because you would never understand what works best for Google. This fact only is known by Google. All what we can do is make the best experiments from our end through experience and data that is available in hand. You could also hire services from effective SEO in Melbourne companies, but select one that’s knowledgeable, experienced and is reliable in the market.

There have been several discussions regarding backlink profiles and backlinks. Below mentioned are a few of the misconceptions linked to it.

The links that will not be useful: “Rel=nofollow”

Basically, “Rel=nofollow” is known to be a tag which will ask Google to ‘not crawl through this link’. It might also ask Google to not ‘Undergo PageRank’ too. But the big question that revolves around the search marketing community is- will these actually be effective for SEO?

The answer to this would be both, yes and no! They would not be quite effective in the case of standalone pieces. This means, if a website is launched and it is loaded with some great effective PR “nofollow” links, you will still not notice any considerable amount of ranking or traffic to this site.

At the same time, there are also a few areas where you would notice “nofollow” links having a great impact on the site. These links could also be quite useful in driving traffic to your site and in the overall website domain authority. The list is given below:

  • Websites that have been quite overly optimised
  • If the anchor text has been well optimised
  • If the backlink profile has “nofollow” links

The examples that have been used above do provide you with some great backlink profiles. This could again be due to a number of reasons. It could be due to a few websites that have affiliate links; a few sites may have some dreadful or ‘spammy’ backlinks from 2010 or even worse. This could happen due to SEOs working hard gaming the system back in 2008-2012 or simply working on affiliate partners without applying some productive tactics.

Even if people still believe that “rel=nofollow” links will not be fruitful for SEO, it would not be the case. It has been effective in several cases. They are useful for harmonizing the ratio over links that have been overly optimised. More so, even the Webmaster tools of Google illustrate them.

Quantity is not all that matters

The very first point you have to bear in mind is quality will always be preferred over quantity. You will not be able to provide a good, quality backlink profile, with merely 10- 20 quality links.

When it comes to Google, it will prefer a healthy backlink profile which is stuffed with tons of links. It should be high on quality, and must have forum and blog comments, and so forth. In case all you provide is super high-quality links, it may end up being quite stretchy! Always remember that Google is on the lookout for finished and quality products. If you turn out looking squeaky clean and not natural, it might work the other way round for you.

One big blunder that is usually done is people usually disavow links. If the links are not 100% quality, they discard them. This might end up hurting them the most. Once the disavow file is taken out and worked upon, you might notice gradual improvement in the span of 3 to 6 months.

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